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Residential Treatment Programs


Residential Treatment Programs

KPCCC provides residential services for behaviorally and emotionally disturbed adolescents who cannot live at home or in a foster care setting. Two five bed facilities; Hardy House and Dimmick Retreat, assist youth in addressing treatment issues including relationships with authority figures, peer relationships, rational problem solving, family values, academic success and vocational skills, using the Teaching Family Model. For more information on these programs, click the link below.

Residential Treatment Programs

KPCCC provides all residents with access to a variety of nutritious and appealing foods, in addition, KPCCC provides opportunities, support and encouragement to be physically active throughout the day.  All youth are encouraged to use our new gymnasium and, weather permitting outdoor activities such as biking, walking and hiking are strongly encouraged.   See the attached Wellness Policy

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The Kenai Peninsula Community Care Center believes that all children benefit from services provided in a home-like environment. Therapeutic foster care is an alternative to institutional care, group and residential care, and incarceration. It is the least restrictive and most integrated out-of-home placement for many youth.



Foster Care Programs
If you are interested in providing therapeutic care in your home, please contact KPCCC, 907-283-7635