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The Kenai Peninsula Community Care Center was founded in 1973 by a group of community members concerned about homeless and run away youth. Since that time, KPCCC has expanded to provide long term residential care for male adolescents in two residential treatment homes.   Our Foster Care Licensing program supports those families interested in providing therapeutic services to youth in their foster home.


KPCCC is an equal opportunity employer and provider 


Our Mission

To promote positive family living in our community through treatment, shelter and education.

Our Values

We believe that Excellence is a standard our staff are encouraged to achieve.

We believe that "Openness to Change" will afford us
the opportunity to continually enhance the program.

We believe that Commitment starts with the cornerstone
principle that "All Youth are Treatable."

We believe staff must model Integrity in their
decision making and behavior with others.

We value Diversity and commit ourselves to providing our youth
a non-discriminatory and culturally sensitive environment.

We believe that every youth and staff must be guaranteed a Safe and Secure living/working
environment which is Sanitary and Sensitive to the well being of others.

We value the "Whole Child" as a unique and
special person, having the full potential to change.

We commit ourselves to be a member of a Team which
Works together and helps each other achieve the agency's goals.